Physiotherapy Services

Our physiotherapists can help you to regain function, improve your mobility and prevent complications that can arise after your initial injury.  Our physiotherapists will assess how your injury has affected your ability to move and help you to develop strategies to optimize your movement and function and help you to reach your maximum physical potential. In home treatment will vary depending on your individual injury and circumstances but can include the following:

  • Education, exercises and techniques to prevent future mobility problems or issues related to decreased mobility such as respiratory illness, limited joint movement and pressure sores
  • Education on spasticity, pain management and exercise for fitness, wellness and maintenance
  • Exercises and balance training to improve/maximize function in sitting and standing positions
  • Gait training and recommendation for mobility aids
  • Stretching for maintenance of muscle/tissue length and range of motion
  • Teaching of skills and techniques for increased independence with mobility in areas such as transfers, bed mobility and wheelchair skills
  • Advice on orthotic devices and equipment recommendations to support functional abilities
  • Breathing exercises including lung volume recruitment (LVR) and assisted coughing if appropriate to maintain a clear chest
  • Teaching and support for your family and/or healthcare workers
  • Hydrotherapy treatment within your community as facilities allow