Safety in a powered mobility device such as a power wheelchair or a scooter, or power add on device is of utmost importance. The occupational therapists at Therapy First can evaluate you to ensure that you are able to function safely and independently in your existing powered mobility device or to assist you to in finding the most appropriate device for you.

Improved postural support may be recommended so that you are better positioned to drive, or programming of the device may be recommended to ensure the parameters such as speed, acceleration and turning speed are set to a level that you can safely control.

It may be that you need an alternative method of controlling the powered mobility device. There are options besides the traditional joystick that can be used for controlling the powered mobility device. This can be in the form of a head control a foot control or a sip and puff control. Our therapists can determine which is the most appropriate for you. Sometimes, customization of the powered mobility device in the form of joystick modifications may be recommended and we can assist you in finding the resources to get this done!

Power wheelchair technology is improving every year and there are many options and features that can help you to reach your maximum level of functioning and we can help you find what you need to function at your best.

Power Assist Devices/Power Add-ons

If you are looking for power support without changing your rigid or folding frame wheelchair, there options to transform your manual wheelchair into a powered device to help you to keep you independent in the physical environments you want to be in.  Our therapists keep up to date with the technologies of power assist and power add-ons that include motorized hubs or devices that attach to the front or rear of your manual wheelchair to give you added power to navigate through your world.

There are many benefits to incorporating power assist into your manual wheelchair, such as helping you climb slopes with ease, or extending the distance you can wheel without straining or wear and tear on your shoulders.   When selecting the right device for you, our therapists will help to ensure the device is compatible with your wheelchair, and provides you with the features you want such as increased speed, smoother propulsion and/or navigating through varied terrain.