Commercial and Custom Seating for your Wheelchair

Are any of these common issues for you?

  • Slouching, leaning or body asymmetry (sitting crooked)
  • Pain or discomfort when sitting in your wheelchair
  • Skin breakdown/pressure sores
  • Decreased sitting tolerance in your wheelchair

If so, having your seating assessed and changes made to your cushion and/or backrest could help!

Commercial Seating:

Wheelchair seat cushions and backrests can help with your comfort but also with pressure reduction and improved sitting posture.  There are many products on the market, made of different products such as gel, fluid, foam and air. The occupational therapists at Therapy First can help to assess your needs and provide you with options for products to try, ensuring that the recommended products meet your postural and skin care needs and are compatible with your wheeled mobility (wheelchair) device.

Custom Seating

There are situations where commercially available seating products may not meet your needs.  Our therapists are well trained in the assessment and provision of custom seating products.    A custom cushion and/or backrest is one that is made to fit your specific shape and is formed to put you in the best position for function and skin health.

A thorough seating assessment by one of our occupational therapists will help to determine what seating products can best achieve your goals.