Nursing Services at Therapy First for SCI clients

Our goal is to help you to enrich and enhance the efficacy and self-management of your bowel and bladder routine as this is fundamental in moving towards a more robust wellness and improved quality of life. Each introductory session begins with a holistic nursing health assessment working closely with you to identify goals to create a sustainable care plan.   This can occur as part of a hospital to home transition or at any point you may require assistance.   The nursing assessment will also include a review of your supplies.  Sometimes trying different continence products can the effectiveness of your bowel and/or bladder routine and we can work with you to explore options.

Neurogenic bladder examples of services:

  • Evaluation and recommendations on technique for self-catheterization -for example poor technique may contribute to repeated infections
  • Training and suggestions in different environments such as bed, wheelchair, toilet or public washrooms
  • Catheter maintenance techniques in how to reuse catheters safely to decrease cost and supplies
  • Transition support from a hospital environment to self-catheterization in your home/work/school environment

Neurogenic bowel examples of services:

  • Assessment and recommendations of your bowel routine including, technique, supplies used, location of routine, and effectiveness of present bowel routine
  • Education and recommendations on bowel routine options
  • Education and training for client/care giver in changing a routine from bed to a commode or toilet; problem solving strategies
  • In home training in the use of Coloplast Peristeen anal irrigation and PIE (pulsed irrigation and evacuation) Note: the use of these devices requires a prescription from your SCI specialist or primary care provider prior to use.

Wound care:

  • Assessment of current wound and suggestions for care/treatment.
  • Assistance liaising with your care providers to ensure best management of current wounds and prevention of future wounds.