Our team of occupational therapists can support you in navigation your spinal cord injury journey in the following situations:

If you are having problems living safely and independently in your home, a home visit by one of our occupational therapists can help to identify any problems and barriers you might have.  We can provide recommendations on how to help you to function more safely and independently.  This can be by providing options for new ways of doing things or recommending equipment or services/supports to provide you with the assistance you need.  We will help you to find ways to maximize your level of independence at home, work and leisure.

We can conduct a thorough assessment of your personal care needs and provide recommendations on the supports and equipment required in order to allow you to function as independently and safely as possible.  Regular reassessments of your functional status will help to ensure that as you age or adjust to changes in medical status, that support and assistance are always close at hand.

If you are currently in hospital, we can work with your inpatient team to ensure that all the necessary equipment and supports are in place for your safe discharge home.   We can then follow up with you as you transition back to community living.  This might include looking at things such as grocery shopping, using transit services and/or participation in leisure activities.

Should your home environment be contributing to barriers in functioning our team of occupational therapists can work alongside you and often a construction expert/specialist to match your functional needs with the design/redesign of your home.

Modifications may be as simple as adding a ramp to an entrance or grab bars in the tub, or as complex as building an addition on the home to provide a bedroom and bathroom that suits your needs. A kitchen re-design with wheelchair accessible counters, sink, stove/oven, dishwasher and cupboards may be considered in order to you to function as independently as possible.

Regardless of the modifications required, your occupational therapist will carefully assess what activities you are required or wish to perform in your environment(s) and any limitations to doing so and make suggestions on how to make your home safer for you and to better enable you to perform your activities of daily living.