Accessible and adaptable housing enables people of all ages and abilities to stay in their community as long as possible. –  CMHC

  • Accessible housing is the term for housing that is safe, accessible and enables someone to live and participate in their daily activities. Homes can be designed or modified with the individual’s abilities in mind.
  • Our team of occupational therapists work alongside you and often a construction expert/specialist to match a person’s functional needs with the design of the home.
  • Modifications may be as simple as adding a ramp to an entrance or grab bars in the tub, or as complex as building an addition on the home to provide a bedroom and bathroom that suits the individual’s needs. A kitchen re-design with wheelchair accessible counters, sink, stove/oven, dishwasher and cupboards may be considered in order to enable an individual to function as independently as possible.
  • Regardless of the modifications required, your occupational therapist will carefully assess what activities you are required or wish to perform in your environment(s) and any limitations to doing so and make suggestions on how to make your home safer for you and to better enable you to perform your activities of daily living.