What other private (fee-for-service) services exist?

You may be interested in exploring services offered by other professionals to supplement our work together.

For example, you may have been advised to explore physiotherapy for chronic pain. If you’re unsure where to find a physiotherapist, we suggest exploring the list of clinics through the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association. We also suggest you speak with your primary care provider about whether you have access to physiotherapy consultation through a “My Health Team.”

There are also many licensed community psychologists who identify “Pain Management” as an area of expertise. You can find these providers through the Manitoba Psychological Society under the MPS Psychologist Directory(search for “Pain Management” under “Area of Expertise”).

If you prefer a self-management or virtual approach, Curable is an online (fee-based) program and app for managing chronic pain. The program guides users through audio lessons on pain science and a wide range of techniques to manage pain symptoms. Curable can be used as a supplement to an existing treatment plan or on its own.